2F92H51xxxx 76D3JCA2X22
original condition
piston install
bag it and tag it
no rust to speak of
very clean dash (minus the dust)
ready to install
honed and painted
ready for assembly
351C Pantera intake
ram air unit
sacrilegious, I know
new radiator support
ram air ready!
getting rusty while waiting
back from paint
mercury man spinners
very nicely scooped!
1972 GMC 1/2 ton Sierra Grande
1953 GMC 3/4 ton

Original Car Details

  • 1972 standard convertible, 351C 2V, FMX, Bright blue metallic, Black vinyl interior, 2.75 open, A/C, PDB, PS, Center console, White top, White side protectors (dealer)
  • Dallas DSO, 1 of 1240 standard convertibles built

Changes I Previously Did to the Car

  • Engine completely rebuilt with mild performance cam, Edlebrock intake, 650 Edlebrock carb w/ electric choke, MSD, 4 core radiator
  • Magnum 500 wheels with blue running cat centers
  • After market rear sway bar (POC), five gauges (see pics), intermittent wipers
  • Killer stealth CD/stereo with amp in trunk and new speakers (yes, I cut holes)


Changes Currently Underway

  • Engine is now rebuilt with forged pistons, aluminum heads, etc.  Teenage daughter did it!  DONE!
  • Ram air with nitrous set up intake (off a Pantera) DONE!
  • All new stainless steel fuel and brake lines, X pipe w/ dual exhaust
  • 5-speed Tremec (was going with 4sp toploader off Cougar donor)  NOT DONE YET!
  • 3.50 posi trac plus rear end powder coated  DONE!
  • Body completed stripped and repainted original color with POR-15 on undercarriage/engine compartment and bed liner in trunk and floor pans  DONE!
  • Bumpers re-chromed, many parts/brackets powder coated including gas tank  DONE!
  • Electric window setup added from a 71 XR7, XR7 instrument cluster, changing all wiring harnesses to XR7 (windows, tach and low fuel accomodations)  NOT DONE YET!
  • Mercury Man red spinner centers (we'll see how this looks), tilt wheel  DONE!

Some Boring Story Details

This is the story of my 1972 Standard Cougar Convertible.  I bought it on a whim from an estate sell in Burton, Texas in October 1998.  It had been sitting for a long time so all the fluids and rubber needed changing.  I let a local mechanic who knew the car do the work.  Had him put on dual exhaust for grins.  When it was running I drove it to Houston to pull the engine and get the engine compartment done.  The interior was in spectacular condition and the body was straight.  The paint was tired having been re-painted the original metallic blue years ago.  The paint job was mediocre at best.

My cousin in Houston (JK Engines) completely rebuilt the original and stock 351C 2V.  I left the FMX transmission for another time. He only warmed it up a bit with a new cam, Edlebrock intake and 650 carb.  My oldest daughter drove it to high school so I didn't want her flying too fast off the line.  I got the car back when she went off to college.


The car has been ready for final installation for quite a while now.  My youngest teenage daughter (now safely at college) built the very hot 351C 4V as a sophomore high school project.  I was too scared to finish it and have her want to drive it to school.


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